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ReliableLinks.Com - The Web's most comprehensive site for reliable links to the best sites on the Internet. Here you'll find quick and easy access to great shopping opportunities along with well- researched sites with quality information. ReliableLinks.Com includes terrific sites devoted to news and media, arts and entertainment, business and money, education, employment, family life, reference materials, organizations, politics, sports, travel, and more. 

PorcupinePete.Com - An excellent web magazine and index where you'll find more of the best sites on the Internet. PorcupinePete.Com features well-researched links to sports, photography, music, comics, movies, museums, politics, organizations, and more. You'll find PorcupinePete to be one of the most useful and interesting sites you'll ever encounter on the Web.

CaliforniaChronicle.Com - The Golden State's independent newspaper featuring international, national, local, and political news. In addition to award-winning news stories, the Chronicle provides feature articles devoted to the arts, books, movies, travel, dining, home and garden, fashion, and more. The California Chronicle is the West's  comprehensive and reliable source for breaking news, information analysis, and political commentary.  

Californiahack.Com - California's first-rate and comprehensive magazine devoted to unvarnished politics and policy in the Golden State. The Hack is an independent non-partisan publication available online and in print. The site features links to the Hack online as well as great links to today's political news, campaign information, issues, campaign professionals, government sites, poll data, reporting agencies, political parties, and voter information. A one-year subscription is only $48 for 24 issues.

PoliticalDecision.Com - Features a live political-news wire that includes breaking news about national and international politics, campaigns, political parties, women in government, and state issues.